About The Window and Door Repair Academy.

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Meet Alan.

I’m Alan Bain, and for past eighteen years I have run a successful double glazing repair company, which I built from the ground up. We now have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, alongside a vast portfolio of letting agencies, management agencies, and landlords. We are well-known in our local area for providing a high-quality service at a reasonable price and pride ourselves on the high number of word-of-mouth referrals we receive.
Alan from The Window and Door Repair Academy

Keeping it in the family.

My son has now joined the business, allowing me to pursue my passion of training engineers to build their own successful businesses based on a foundation of exceptional knowledge and training. I train my students to save customers money by fixing, rather than replacing, expensive double glazing units, while also saving units previously destined for landfill, where they would take thousands of years to break down.

Low investment, high return on profits

No equipment required to attend our sessions

Small classes, direct access to tutor

A few reasons you should train with us.

The Window and Door Repair Academy will, both literally and metaphorically, open doors for you.

Our course is located in East Sussex but available to students nationally.

Whether you are based in North or the South, we welcome students from all parts of the United Kingdom.