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The course, which takes place in our purpose-built study centre, involves both practical and theory work – it is a hands-on course with written elements and printed reference materials.
The course has been designed for students with any level of knowledge or experience. When you book on, we ask about any prior experience so that we can make sure you are in a group of students at a similar level. For example, window fitters and locksmiths already know the basics and so we will skip those, using the time to concentrate on the higher-level modules in greater detail.
We aim for three students per course. Occasionally companies will send groups or teams, and in this case, up to five students will be taught at the same time.
No, all equipment will be supplied.
For security and compliance reasons, we will need a copy of your current DBS check, plus proof of ID (in the form of a driver’s licence or passport), and proof of address (a utility bill will suffice). Most importantly, we want you to turn up with a desire to learn!
Lunch will be provided, alongside tea, coffee and biscuits. Please tell us in your application form if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.
Yes, you will get a certificate and will be added to the list of approved repairers.
We understand that setting up can be an expensive affair, so we introduce all our graduates to the best suppliers in the country, providing an endorsement which enables them to unlock large discounts with their own trade account.
We will send you information about local hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs when you book, or you can check out our Accommodation page on our website.
Glass is heavy, and large units such as patio door units can be hard to lift. Safety is paramount; The Window and Door Repair Academy course will teach you techniques to safely lift large units, as well as how to identify which jobs will require two operatives

Double glazing repair is an extensive and rapidly growing market, even more so in a world in which people see the value of repairing rather than replacing. Over the past 18 years, we have repaired many doors and windows that other companies have written off and told the customer to replace at vast expense.

Setting up a new business venture often has huge financial implications, and although there are some outlays to set up as a double glazing repair specialist, they are relatively small compared with almost any other trade. Additionally, you are in control of the hours you work; most jobs are not an emergency and so you do not have to be on call 24/7. Full-time or part-time, the choice is yours!

Becoming a double glazing repair specialist future-proofs your income; in excess of 80% of properties have at least one double glazed window, and house-building is on the up, with practically all new properties being fitted with double glazed windows.

The earning potential in this sector is exceptional; profits on materials is high with some jobs particularly lucrative, and if you offer double glazing maintenance contracts, your running costs and wages will be quickly covered by these scheduled works.

We are the good guys of the glazing world; repairing something that could cost thousands to replace is an incredible business model, and one with indisputable value. At The Window and Door Repair Academy, we will make sure you have undertaken comprehensive training so that you are fully trained in all aspects of double glazing repair, ensuring you don’t make any costly mistakes. Short online courses do not go into enough detail to cover everything you need to know, but by booking with The Window and Door Repair Academy, you can be sure we will leave no key unturned.

Low investment, high return on profits

No equipment required to attend our sessions

Small classes, direct access to tutor

A few reasons you should train with us.

The Window and Door Repair Academy will, both literally and metaphorically, open doors for you.

Our course is located in East Sussex but available to students nationally.

Whether you are based in North or the South, we welcome students from all parts of the United Kingdom.